Siding Repairs and Replacements in Edwardsville

Siding repairs and replacements in Edwardsville have been 1st Source Contractors’ #1 priority for the last 20 years. Many siding types can protect and beautify instantly. We are one of the area’s leading contractors for all types: aluminum, steel, fiber cement, and vinyl.

We will do everything from new construction siding, repair, replacement, and upgrades.

Siding Types:

For fortress-strength protection from hail and wind damage, consider galvanized steel. Although it can rust if not maintained, nothing compares to its density and impact resistance. It is extremely heavy and therefore, more expensive than other types.

When you want lightweight strength, aluminum delivers. It is making a comeback among environmentally conscious homeowners who like its recyclability. It resists corrosion but is not a good insulator and is prone to denting. Factory-finished colors last for years with minimal touch-ups.

This lightweight, rot-proof siding has color built right in, so you don’t have to worry about delamination and scratches. All it takes is a good hosing to keep clean. The downside? It can crack and dent upon heavy impact, and flames can melt it. But the pieces can easily be removed, and replacements snapped into place.

Growing in popularity for its strength and rot-resistance, fiber cement is dense and durable. It looks just like natural wood grain but has the added reinforcement of cement and cellulose strands. Get factory-primed boards you paint on-site or choose pre-painted. These siding types may need occasional painting, but far less frequently than wood. The installation also must be done with care to avoid damage, but we have the experience to do it flawlessly.


Wind, hail, water, and ice can devastate different siding applications. Whether you have vinyl, aluminum, steel, or fiber cement, we offer siding replacement that will restore your home to its original beauty and function.

Hail and wind-driven debris can leave you with dented and cracked siding. Don’t let your adjuster neglect this kind of damage. Cracks will eventually allow dirt and moisture to penetrate your exterior walls and cause ongoing problems that will have to be corrected. Pests use damaged areas as pathways to the interior of your home.

Siding replacement is often the proper way to deal with large areas of destruction caused by hail.

If wind, hail, or ice has damaged the exterior of your house, it’s important to locate and identify any areas of moisture penetration, as well. Even panels that remain intact could have had water infiltrate from damaged areas. Before we perform any siding replacement, we’ll make a careful examination of the supporting structure, and we’ll make sure that the moisture barrier is intact.

Uncorrected moisture problems will lead not only to structural rot but also to mold and mildew growth that can migrate to your home’s interior. We’ll work with your insurer to provide the proper complete restoration strategy for even hidden storm damage to your property.

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Looking for Style Inspiration?

Are you looking for style inspiration on types of siding and color schemes? Head on over to one of our manufacturers’ websites to take a peek at which styles and colors are available in our area. Feel free to look around at different color palettes to find which one best suits your style.  *Disclaimer – this not a comprehensive guide and other colors and styles may be available*

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