Windows & Skylights

An upgraded window, skylight, or sun tunnel can help update your home's appearence and energy efficiency


At 1st Source Contractors we can help you upgrade your damaged or outdated windows. Whether your window sustained damage during a storm or you are looking to update your home’s appearance – we are your exterior one stop shop!

Skylights and Sun Tunnels

At 1st Source Contractors we can also replace and update your skylights and sun tunnels, also known as solar tubes. Skylights and sun tunnels add monumental features to your home, so it is important to keep them updated and checked regularly. 

Sun tunnels or solar tubes are great ways to channel daylight into your home. Since they are relatively small, sun tunnels can be placed between rafters to alleviate any worry of compromising the roof’s structural integrity.

Whether it be a leaky or broken skylight, or adding an additional sun tunnel to your home – 1st Source Contractors can provide you with a variety of options to keep your home light and bright!

Energy Efficiency

The age and type of windows in your home can greatly affect your home’s energy efficiency. Replacing windows with upgraded ones can help ensure that there are no air leaks caused by thin glass, gaps, or wear and tear on the caulking and weatherstripping. All of which can increase heating and cooling bills if present.

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