Storm Damage Restoration &
Insurance Claims in Belleville, IL

At 1st Source Contractors we provide a Storm Damage Restoration Assistance Program and a turn-key insurance claims process for all storm damage restoration needs in Belleville, IL.

Have you been hit with storm damage?

Are you in the market for storm damage restoration in Belleville, IL? Hail, wind, and substantial rainfall can all wreak havoc on homes and businesses. One benefit of choosing 1st Source Contractors is that we do not just handle insurance claims; we welcome them! We understand the stress that comes with damage after a storm and dealing with the insurance companies.

As a result, we will work with you as a homeowner to help you seek coverage for the weather-related damage. Our trained team will come out and inspect to make sure all the damage, big or small, was caught. This includes hail, wind, and water damage to the roofing, siding, window, and gutter systems.

We will assist you in getting your paperwork prepared or can handle the entire process for you once the claim has been submitted!

storm damage restoration in Belleville, IL.

Our project managers at 1st Source Contractors are experts in identifying even the smallest pieces of storm damage, which could help make your insurance claim. The most common effects of storm damage are bruises on shingles and soft metals from hail or flying debris, missing shingles due to high winds or collisions with debris, leaks, and water spots.

Our project managers will do a thorough roofing system inspection and evaluation and will assist you in every step along the way when it comes to filing your insurance claim.

The chances are that your adjuster is not a siding repair specialist. We install, repair, and replace siding every day, and we know what can be repaired and what should be replaced. Call us right after you call your insurance agent, and we will be happy to walk through the initial inspection with the adjuster.

Even if you call us after the initial inspection, we can make any additional restoration recommendations directly to your insurance company. Because of our experience and reputation, companies recognize our expertise and are willing to work with us toward the common goal of complete restoration of your home.

1st Source Contractors has been providing reliable gutter replacements for more than ten years. We work with insurers to give homeowners a worry-free claims process. If a storm hits your house, don’t hesitate to call your insurer. Then call us.

It’s impossible to evaluate roofing and gutter damage from ground level. There is no harm in asking your insurance company and a restoration specialist to inspect your property. We will be happy to accompany your adjuster on the initial inspection.

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